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Just upgraded from free version to full version and now MBAM blocks all the web sites I have been safely using for years. Can someone tell please tell me:

1. How do I include selected sites on 'Ignore List'. Have tried MBAM Help which says run scan (on wholePC?), click 'show results' and add to 'ignore list' but I don't see any 'show results' option anywhere. What gives?

2. How do I stop the blocked site notification constantly showing at bottom of screen? Can this notification be hidden?

Using W7. Thanks.

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Thanks. The FAQ you refer to says:

# How do I disable this?

# We wouldn't recommend disabling it, but if you must, you can do this by right clicking the MBAM tray icon, and unchecking "IP Protection".

However when I right click on the MBAM tray icon (which I presume is the blocked access message) the message windows diappears - I cannot see any option to uncheck "IP Protection".

Can you give me more specific info re where to find access to IP Protection?

Your help is appreciated 'cause at this time I've paid money but taken a backwards step. Tks.

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When you right click on the M (not the message, but the actual red Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware icon) tray icon there should be an item listed that says IP Protection just below where it says Enable Protection, click on IP Protection and this will disable it until you either re-check it or restart your computer. If you wish to disable it permanently then you can use the information in the link I provided under Registry Switches for Controlling IP-Blocking.

You can also exclude a website that is blocked by visiting the site and when Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware blocks it, simply right-click the tray icon and use the Add to ignore list menu.

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