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Ransomware attack

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Ok i have been held hostage by this ransomeware so they did get my phone that i used in my op. 3 pcs 3 phones and a laptop. I have their code. They pull my os to skydrive and replace it with new vm network adapters, remote viewing, etc. Then anything on my network they takover including my 3 smart tvs that they tether to my neighbors open wifi printer and whatever else. My new (tome)galaxy 22 I can delete cache and full reset I get a will not unmount and its still there. They adjust the brightness slider just to let me know they are watching. They got my ring cameras and swan security system, my led lightbulbs. I went down the road turned on the old laptop on someone elses wifi and they locked it, dual boot ubuntu and windows 10. Because of my google. Everytime i start a machine the bot has my wifi on and their junk loads up. Making it impossible to change any passwords because they can watch me and hear me. Now I have to sanitize everything and have nothing clean to download anything on to make a disc or drive. I pulled the wifi cards in the pcs that i could, have to get a shroud off of the msi edge. Im on my kids apple the only thing possibly not comprimised. But they open wbsites on my galaxy that says they can hack apple phones with a link to some software, like im that dumb. Smh. I didnt want you to close this I just had no internet because i pulled the wifi. But the hacked stuff can access so i pull the plugs out . Its like a creepy movie I want no part of. My security research friend even said it was odd they targeted me because its usually big companies , which i did read as well on the ic3 website. I will try what you sugested, maybe go door to door asking neighbors if they can do me a solid and download the file for me. I so appreciate your willing to help in this wide awake nightmare I somehow walked into. They been in my pc since march, thats when I thought something was up and reinstalled windows so could have been longer. Real creepers. So they,it,him,her have everything. Ill include some code from my phone andsome i wrote down from my pc






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Hello @Heldhostage and :welcome:


Sorry to hear your system may have been attacked by Ransomware and encrypted your data

In most cases if you do not have clean backups of your data then you may have lost access to your data permanently

We can assist with computer clean up if you like but if you want to verify if you're able to get your data back then I would suggest you visit that following site.

Sign up for a forum account on BleepingComputer and follow the directions from these topics.

Ransomware Help & Tech Support

How to Post a Topic Asking for Help With Ransomware

ID Ransomware - Identify What Ransomware Encrypted Your Files


Thank you


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