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False positive detection for EarnApp


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My name is Ofir and I am the director of security partnerships at Bright Data.

I am approaching you today, with the request of removing a PUP detection reported for EarnApp.
Please find in attachment the Install file, that is downloaded from this website: https://earnapp.com.

EarnApp is owned by BrightData, a 350 people company doing over $100MM in annual
revenues. The bandwidth is used by reputable Fortune 500 companies in accordance
with very strict procedures (information is in EarnApp’s FAQ :
https://earnapp.com/faq and procedures detailed here

EarnApp is also certified by AppEsteem as seen here: https://customer.appesteem.com/certified?vendor=BDATA

We hope this information will allow you to re-evaluate EarnApp and remain at
your disposal for any clarifications if needed.

Appreciate your quick response.


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