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It couldn’t be could it?

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1 minute ago, Teddymik said:

Every time I try and log into or contact support on various sites I get pinned down.

6799009D-1763-4270-8EA5-F9DE55565F15.thumb.png.621f6d3b4e35b443647c850a3194e63d.png Tell me I’m just having 8DCD083A-1530-48F9-A8FD-999B4F7EA208.thumb.png.71124418c8c78312706d8d10a3e6895d.pngsome bad luck34E7287A-51D6-4BB7-B901-3C7C2BF75AAF.thumb.png.bd18727320b2a4133924faa150c45fbb.png57DFE3CF-3045-41EB-93D2-D05F1F388EED.thumb.png.8e60075129022d324b7f590a98de63c7.png714389C9-2047-4DED-B2C5-EF13C8EBACB2.thumb.png.d072c685e949577ab0b8688cbfacb432.png91EB4C66-4697-4073-A230-BE59CB96D1B5.thumb.png.3cf1d6e35ec797d75ca1606b2b2ab1be.png0C8FAE58-89A6-4211-97F5-E21165840146.thumb.png.275dbdcecfea2647ba1d7cebe881808f.png9C480BA7-127F-44B8-A458-AF5319946D5E.thumb.png.5f9cd53bcf59d242580bc643f14669c2.png8DCD083A-1530-48F9-A8FD-999B4F7EA208.thumb.png.71124418c8c78312706d8d10a3e6895d.png34E7287A-51D6-4BB7-B901-3C7C2BF75AAF.thumb.png.bd18727320b2a4133924faa150c45fbb.png




The two of App Store are to show the message box. The original shows a message didn’t send, just told me now. 5 days later.

 The second one shoes that message edited. How ? No idea 

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