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Another False Detection - Malware.AI.1417261220 (cyberlink install file)


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  • Category: Malware
  • Group name: 
  • Public endpoint IP: 
  • Endpoint name: 
  • OS platform: Windows
  • OS release name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Location: C:\PROGRAMDATA\TEMP\{8F14AA37-5193-4A14-BD5B-BDF9B361AEF7}\SETUP.EXE
  • Policy name: Retina Consultants
  • Report time: July 15th 2022, 02:20:46 UTC
  • Scan time: July 15th 2022, 02:01:01 UTC
  • Action taken: Quarantined
  • Threat name: Malware.AI.1417261220
  • Type: file

The file is the default system setup files from cyberlink dvd software from a dell install -- its an old file that is just there from setup once machine restarts and finsihes updates ill add the diags .. this machine like my other one runs about 4 to 6 scans a day previous scans 2 hours before last scan where clean with this file present


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3 other files detected in same directory as same AI dectection with same details





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ok here are the diags from that machine -- all the files appear to be the setup files from the default preinstalled system files pre shipped with dell -- they have been on the machine for awhile and previous scanns throughout the week found them fine till the latest updated definitions tonight from the endpoint console


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