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Malwarebytes CHECK YOUR ACCOUNTS FOR BREACHES link always fails

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A link eMailed to me from Malwarebytes for


Get a free data breach check. Enter your email to see if it, and any
associated accounts, have been involved in a breach."

It always reports "Please Enter a valid email address" after inputting valid eMail addresses.

Is there a way to report this issue?

The support section kept 'sending me in circles.'

The link is <https://www.malwarebytes.com/hibp?utm_source=blueshift&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=b2c_tri_act_2021_newmemberseries_day12_163830998959&utm_content=check_my_email&bsft_aaid=18a8abbd-b7b6-422b-8352-283554e9475a&bsft_eid=2455cf2b-3951-7d65-9a43-630e9bef0071&bsft_clkid=ea8e6783-9f81-4a36-be69-6c4a1abbfe0d&bsft_uid=db3324d0-0f95-4845-b9be-3300f2d686f8&bsft_mid=9e1ce08e-f842-466a-ae7a-efcec4b71c81&bsft_txnid=0fcfd601-903d-440b-9d0c-9cdb4b2d6031&bsft_utid=db3324d0-0f95-4845-b9be-3300f2d686f8-product_subscriptions_13395654-C2J5QR7RLP-26034121&bsft_mime_type=html&bsft_ek=2022-05-22T02%3A12%3A22Z&bsft_lx=3&bsft_tv=13>

Attached is the eMail msg in case it's a fake.

Thanks for any help.

MWB - Who doesn’t like free stuff_.png

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