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Hello everyone, like my other post I did a while back I asked a question about what hardware in a pc could store malware well I got another similar question. I got this “new” Wd blue Nvme ssd from Amazon with good reviews well today I received the ssd and noticed that the little clear sticker that keeps mostly every new item closed wasn’t on all the way in some spots it looked like it wasn’t sticking all the way and it wasn’t the corners or anything it’s was the middle part of the sticker i had to press it down and then it sticked so I don’t know if it’s a manufacturer problem and the machine or whatever put the ssd in the box didn’t put the sticker on  all the way but if the ssd is used by any chance should I be worried because malware could be pre loaded in the ssd because no hate towards Amazon or anything but I’ve seen a good amount of bad reviews on how Amazon does a kinda bad job at selling used items because sometimes they don’t wipe electronics all the way so that kinda worries me but Im going to do a clean install on it by the way I already have the usb stick with the windows iso on it if I read the other post I posted about hardware right someone mentioned just installing windows again wipes it but I’m not sure I’m thinking on returning it but I feel like that’s a little to far could just be a manufacturer packaging problem.

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2 minutes ago, Travis_ said:

but if the ssd is used by any chance should I be worried because malware could be pre loaded in the ssd

When you install Windows on it just be sure to format it. That is it. Formatting will erase it.

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