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Locked out of Cloud


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We used to have an outside IT agency here managing things.  Since then we have gone to an in-house solution and have lost access to cloud.malwarebytes.com  I reset the PW however as soon as i attempt to login it prompts for a Code sent to the Authenticator App.   We do not have access to any device with an authenticator app and when I've opened tickets with Malwarebytes,  I'm finding out it's their support that really bytes....  The first ticket opened on Monday 4/11 has not even been answered yet.  So I opened another ticket on Thurs 4/14 and got a response telling me that they recommend I keep using 2fa but I can disable it if I want and gave me the instructions on how to log in and disable it.   Obviously the agent didn't read the ticket or he would have noticed that I specifically said "We cannot access our account as we have no access to the 2FA device as it was the old IT company who set it up and has since left." 

That being said does anyone here know of a better way to contact support on getting this resolved?   Or do I just keep opening ticket after ticket hoping to get someone that knows what they are doing?Q




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Thanks for posting in the Malwarebytes Business section of the forum

For self-help articles, please see the following link

If you're unable to locate an answer from the articles in that link or here on the forums, you're more than welcome to post a new question.

Please note that if you do need direct support, please create a support ticket from the following link.

Business Support


Thanks in advance for your patience.

-The Malwarebytes Forum Team



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Yes they finally did get back to me on this.  Not sure of they saw the post and that lit a fire under them or if someone there actually read the original ticket.  I do have to say though so far I'm still not impressed with the support,  it should not have taken over a week to get this resolved.  I hate when companies get so big they can just ignore the peons with a handful of Endpoints,  that may not be what happened here but that's what it sure feels like.




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