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[Release] AdwCleaner 8.0.7

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We're pleased to share AdwCleaner 8.0.7.

Its main additional feature is the new ability to change the working directory location when the default (C:\AdwCleaner) is blocked by some infections preventing AdwCleaner to run. Until now AdwCleaner was defaulting to the "AdwCleaner" directory right in system drive, and since 8.0.7 it is possible to specify other paths as necessary.

This is only exposed to the CLI for now as it is an advanced mitigation. To use it, simply pass `/path C:\your\custom\path\to\AdwCleaner\directory` to any CLI calls. Note that you need to enclose the path between double-quotes if it contains any spaces.

We also introduced a few bugfixes that overall enhance the experience for both the CLI and the GUI.


Note: the cmd.exe window that might show up briefly when launching AdwCleaner doesn't delay the launch time compared to previous versions nor install anything on your computer. It is a side affect of the CLI execution ability introduced in 8.0.6 being contained within the same executable. The amount of time for which it is displayed will be dependent upon the speed of your computer.

As usual, the changelog is available below:

## v8.0.7 [22/07/2020]

### New Features

* Support `/path` command line option to customize the working directory.
* Support `/noreboot` command line option to prevent closing of applications and rebooting after cleaning.
* Hide the console earlier in the startup routine when launching the GUI.

### Changes

* Update Russian translations
* Update definitions to 2020.07.21.1

### Bugfixes

* Fix GUI behavior after reboot post cleaning.

AdwCleaner is available for download: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner

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