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  1. Hello, We're glad to release AdwCleaner 8.2 as a major release. This version updates all translations, and reintroduces the Brazilian Portuguese variant that is used by a large number of users. It also adds the ability to delete one or more logfiles directly from the UI, making it easy to keep a tidy history. The changelog is available below: ## v8.2.0 [22/03/2021] ### New Features * Support Brazilian Portuguese translation. * It is now possible to delete logfiles directly from the UI. ### Changes * Update translations. * Update defin
  2. Hello, We silently published a beta build of AdwCleaner 8.1 last night. It has since been downloaded a few hundred times without any issues reported, so we now would like to share it to a broader audience before we move to GA. The beta version is available to download there, and we plan to release it next week as stable if no issue appears. AdwCleaner 8.1 brings parallelism in scanning operations, or said differently we rework the scan in order to make it (much much) faster. Since most of the scanning module are IO-bound (and not CPU-Bound), we now make use of multiple thre
  3. Hello, We're excited to release AdwCleaner 8.1 as a major release. Indeed, the scanning operations now happen in parallel rather than sequentially so that AdwCleaner scans more elements at the same time. The scan was already pretty fast (between a few seconds and ~2min for the 95 percentile), but it will be blazing fast with this release. This will allow you to spend less time trying to get rid of annoyances, and more time on things you actually enjoy :) We also want to thank you the beta testers to help confirm the 8.1 was stable. The changelog is available bel
  4. Hello, We've released AdwCleaner as a patch release. It doesn't contain any new feature or visible change compared to 8.0.9. However, this version is now packed by default with a custom UPX build that fixes a startup issue faced by several users who have been unable to launch AdwCleaner at all. It has been almost a year-long effort to finally pinpoint the root cause of this annoying bug, so we're happy to finally get it out of the doors. The changelog is available below: ## v8.0.9.1 [20/01/2021] ### Changes * Update the UPX build used to pack AdwCleaner in order to fix
  5. Hello, We're starting 2021 with AdwCleaner 8.0.9 that contains a major new feature and various improvements. Starting from this version, AdwCleaner will no longer force you to reboot every time after cleaning your computer. It will only ask you to reboot if and only if one or more elements require a reboot to be properly quarantined. If this case arises, you will have the choice to wait to reboot immediately or not. We also removed the survey dialog at the end to reduce the number of clicks you have to go through. We might reintroduce it from time to time to hear more from you.
  6. Hello, I'm pleased to share the announcement of AdwCleaner 8.0.8! It contains various stability improvements and fixes over the 8.0.7: More precisely, we realized that some infections are locking AdwCleaner's working directory to prevent it from running so we now try to update the permissions on the working directory (by default C:\AdwCleaner) before using it, and inform you to use another directory from the command-line if we fail to change the attributes. We also improved the detection and cleanup logics, updated the translations and definitions. Another change we introd
  7. Hello, We're pleased to share AdwCleaner 8.0.7. Its main additional feature is the new ability to change the working directory location when the default (C:\AdwCleaner) is blocked by some infections preventing AdwCleaner to run. Until now AdwCleaner was defaulting to the "AdwCleaner" directory right in system drive, and since 8.0.7 it is possible to specify other paths as necessary. This is only exposed to the CLI for now as it is an advanced mitigation. To use it, simply pass `/path C:\your\custom\path\to\AdwCleaner\directory` to any CLI calls. Note that you need to enclose the
  8. Hello, We are pleased to announce AdwCleaner 8.0.6, which despite its version number is a major milestone that contains a long-awaited feature: the command-line interface. AdwCleaner CLI allows you to programmatically use AdwCleaner without having to interact with the graphical interface. It makes it easy to integrate it with your workflow and environment, even in a GUI-less remote session! The command line interface is consistent with the GUI version, so comes with two modes: Scan: `/scan` Only do a scan, but do not clean. The only difference with the GUI is that Preinsta
  9. Hello! We just released AdwCleaner 8.0.5. This is mostly a maintenance release, focused on modernization for dependencies: ## v8.0.5 [25/05/2020] ### Changes * Update Qt to 5.14.1 * Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1g * Update UPX to 3.96 * Update definitions to 2020.05.13.1 The next release will be focused on actual new (and exciting) features. Stay tuned! As usual, you can download the 8.0.5 from the product page: https://malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner
  10. Hello, We are pleased to release AdwCleaner 8.0.4! This versions is purely focused on maintenance to fix a bug that got reintroduced ( CVE-2020-11507) We updated the test suite to avoid this to happen again. See the full changelog below: ## v8.0.4 [03/04/2020] ### Changes * Update definitions to 2020.04.03.1 ### Bugfixes * Fix reintroduction of DLL loading vulnerability reintroduced in 8.0.3 (CVE-2020-11507) To download AdwCleaner 8.0.4, click here.
  11. Hello, We are pleased to announce that AdwCleaner 8.0.2 is now released! This release brings exciting new features, as well as important bug fixes. The new capability to put under a spotlight is the reintroduction of the Hosts file scanner in order to detect any malicious redirections. Theses new detections are quarantined and each deleted line can be restored individually later on using the Quarantine. We also took a major stab at refining the translations compared to the previous releases, as some of these were starting to age - we covered the most used languages for this rele
  12. Hello, We are pleased to share the new AdwCleaner 8.0.1! In line to the improvements made in AdwCleaner 8, we've been pushing towards improving detection and remediation capabilities, and this time we focused on Mozilla Firefox. We completely rewrote the way we scan and clean Firefox addons, preferences, search engines, start pages, etc.. This allows to reduce the technology debt, to have a more maintainable codebase, and to gain in detection rate and remediation effectiveness. On top of this major change, we fixed a security vulnerability reported by Günter Born. AdwCleaner 7.0
  13. Hello, We are pleased to share a preview of the 8th major release of AdwCleaner! This version has been slowly worked on for a year now, and very actively for a few weeks and provides major improvements: We have upgraded our toolchain to a more modern suite in order to benefit from security improvements, various new compiler optimizations and to use new C++ features to get a cleaner and more efficient code. Although this change is mostly invisible, it has been a critical change to support our future work and to greatly reduce the technical debt. We moved to Qt 5.13 branch
  14. Hello, We are pleased to share the 8th major release of AdwCleaner! This version has been slowly worked on for a year now, and very actively for a few weeks and provides major improvements: We have upgraded our toolchain to a more modern suite in order to benefit from security improvements, various new compiler optimizations and to use new C++ features to get a cleaner and more efficient code. Although this change is mostly invisible, it has been a critical change to support our future work and to greatly reduce the technical debt. We moved to Qt 5.13 branch which is the
  15. Hello, AdwCleaner 7.4.2 is now available! This new minor version focuses on improving the stability of the new 7.4 branch that added a few regressions. We are really focused on the quality and stability of the code for all the upcoming versions, and this one is just the first step. The updater window that has been preventing the users to auto-update has been fixed - however this will be impactful on the next update only (7.4.3 or 8.0). It means that you will have to update manually for this version by going to the download webpage. A few users have been facing freezes durin
  16. well , this will be interesting if Malwarebytes team could to add something new to mb beta version 4 and should we have this also for the final release so what’s the plans are ? for me I’d be very happy to see a new protection module like an "anti-spam/email protection" and so on . and I would also suggest if this is possible to have the Malwarebytes’s firewall integrate into Malwarebytes version 4 .
  17. Hello, AdwCleaner 7.4.1 is now available! After the major 7.4 release, this versions brings numerous stability enhancements in various areas of the UI and the Engine. We also included a new setting (off by default) that allows to automatically reboot the computer without having to confirm the reboot notification, making the cleaning process even more straightforward. As usual, the update is applied automatically for existing users, and the manual download is available on the download page! The whole changelog is available below: ## v7.4.1 [02/09/2019] ### New Feat
  18. Hello, We are pleased to share the public version of AdwCleaner 7.4 after one year of work*. This is a major version, as it now detects Preinstalled applications too! We encourage you to take a look at the announcement blogpost to learn more about why we are now introducing this new detection category: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/malwarebytes-news/2019/07/your-device,-your-choice:-adwcleaner-now-detects-preinstalled-software/ On top of targeting preinstalled software, this version introduces several UI updates, like a new glossary of threat categories: We have a
  19. Hello, This release time-frame took more than two months in the making, but we're happy to finally release the next major branch of AdwCleaner, the 7.3 series. This 7.3 serie will focus on detection and stability and should be quickly replaced by the next major serie that will bring a major new feature... But more about that very soon! We focused on improving the internal detection engine to make it more efficient and flexible. It will allow to reduce the amount of FPs significantly and to react faster to them, in addition to catch more threats quickly. We've also fixed several
  20. AdwCleaner 7.2.7 has been released! This version brings overall improvements in various areas of the code and definitions. It's likely the last one before the next major that is bringing changes we've been working on for quite a long time - stay tuned! The changelog for this version is available below: ## v7.2.7 [25/01/2019] ### New Features ### Changes - Update HSTS policy for network connections - Improve Firefox detections - Definitions 2018.01.25.2 ### Bugfixes - Fix French translation - Update generic detections - Update libsodium As always, you can get Adw
  21. AdwCleaner 7.2.5 has been released! This version contains numerous internal improvements as well as a new way to submit FPs in a very easy way: in the scan results panel, right-click on an item (family or element) and choose "Report False Positive". We'll then be able to study and make the appropriate changes to the detections as needed. We're actively working on major features that take time to be developed (which explain the delay since the 7.2.4 release), we hope to share them very soon. The changelog for this version is available below: ## v7.2.5 [16/11/2018]
  22. AdwCleaner 7.2.4 has been released! This version contains a lot of stability improvements during analysis (some of you reported issues when no detections were found, which is now fixed) and the update process. The major feature of this release is the launch of the automatic updater: when the next release will be published, you will be prompted to update, without being asked to visit the download page and update manually. This has been a feature asked for a long time by many of you. Although AdwCleaner update adoption rate has always been very fast (most of you get the new versio
  23. AdwCleaner is available! After this summer break, it's time to deliver a important version of AdwCleaner - it brings several new features and major improvements. The usability is at the core of this new release: while the left sidebar was disabled during critical processes in order to prevent potential issues, we've made it possible to use it at anytime. It means that while a scan is in progress, it's now possible to browse to the other parts of the program to see the quarantine, the settings, the exclusions, the logfiles... We've also changed the way progress is display
  24. AdwCleaner 7.2.2 is now available! It contains a major addition: a new contextual menu on the scan results is available with a right-click, and offers two features: - "Add to exclusions list": add the element or the family to the exclusions, - "See threat Definition": opens the Malwarebytes Threat Center to display details about the detected threat family. This feature was already available but was harder to use in previous versions. We hope that this new way will be more intuitive to use. On top of those new features, new languages variants are available: Traditional
  25. A hotfix for AdwCleaner 7.2.1 has just been published. It fixes two issues that a significant number of users were facing: a crash during pre-clean operations, a FP when some Google products were installed, For reference, AdwCleaner 7.2.1 contains numerous new features as described in the release announcement. As usual, you can download AdwCleaner 7.2.1-hotfix here. The next release (7.2.2) will be published in a few weeks from now.
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