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Licensing issues

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Well, with the overhaul of the license system I got another issue with some licenses purchased from 3rd party (usually via Ebay) in the past:

Suddenly it is no longer possible, to deactivate/reactivate those installations, which were bound to Malwarebytes accounts of no longer existing sellers which I have no access to. Even if the keys were perfectly good for a long time, as we can see in our own accounts, sometimes stuff like updates from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or a Windows 10 Feature update triggered a new instance into existance causing to increase the count.

While I can remove those false duplicates from machines in my account and it was rarely an issue with 3 possible installations, I cannot to this for the above mentioned systems anymore. Support won't do anything to let me keep those lifetime licenses, since the only proof of purchase I may still have is the Ebay sales confirmation. (And sure, some of those have also been sold as licenses for 3 PCs, which I can accept as no longer working.)

But it would be nice, if devices, which have not contacted the license server since more than say a year are removed from the device list automatically, so customers can get a chance to reactivate the related keys, which where owned by them for a long time in good faith.

Best greetings from Germany

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I am sorry to read of your situation.   I wish to advise you:  What are claimed to be licenses on Ebay are simply just illegitimate.  What those were, are bogus licenses.

and Malwarebytes has never sold thru eBay.  Had those licenses been legitimate, Malwarebytes would honor them.  Fake, bogus, pirated keys cannot.

Sorry that you were fooled at eBay.   ( there are other sites selling bogus ones as well.   It's kind of late, but as is said, buyer beware.)

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