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Combine Malwarebytes Extension with Microsoft Application Guard Extension


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The Microsoft Windows Defender Application Guard Extension have been released in beta, respectively for Firefox & Chrome.
Obviously on Windows, it can be useful and add security to combine these Microsoft extensions with the beta of Malwarebytes Extension?

Windows 10 April 2018 Update is required.

Here the download links for Firefox & Chrome respectively if you want to do some checks.

Thanks to anyone who wants to clarify my ideas.



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You can use the two of them together in the same browser if that's what you mean, but if you mean somehow working out a deal with Microsoft to integrate the two into a single browser extension, then no, that isn't likely to happen.  Based on what I read in the extension's description, it works very differently from the way that the Malwarebytes browser extension works.  It uses Hyper-V to isolate untrusted sites similar to the way that tools like Sandboxie and the like do where it traps the browser's process inside a virtual space to shield the rest of the system from anything malicious that the site might try to do (i.e. execute exploits or other malicious code).

The Malwarebytes extension on the other hand uses block lists of known malicious sites along with behavior based page detection to block malicious and unwanted content, functioning on a technical level more like typical ad blocking extensions such as Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin work where it redirects malicious pages to an alternate Malwarebytes landing page.

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I certainly didn't mean agreements between companies.
I meant only the combined use.
But from the explanation you give me I think is impossible because if a malicious site is blocked by Malwarebytes, if I have not misunderstood it, it is automatically impossible for it to be opened in sandbox.

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You can use the two of them together, but yes, if a site is blocked by Malwarebytes it will simply be blocked so it can't be displayed.  I personally wouldn't want to 'test' a tool like the Microsoft extension by allowing all known malicious sites to connect anyway personally, even inside a sandbox as there are some threats (as well as some prominent vulnerabilities, such as the recently discovered Spoiler Intel CPU vulnerability) that could potentially escape a sandbox/virtual space and infect the system.  If I were you, I'd just use the two of them together, let Malwarebytes block the sites it detects as malicious and let the Microsoft extension handle the unknown sites that Malwarebytes hasn't positively identified as malicious.  I assume that's the point of it anyway, since even Microsoft has their own blacklist/redirect tool anyway in the SmartScreen filter (which has its own Chrome extension called Windows Defender Browser Protection).

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