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[Release] AdwCleaner


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AdwCleaner is available!

After this summer break, it's time to deliver a important version of AdwCleaner - it brings several new features and major improvements.

The usability is at the core of this new release: while the left sidebar was disabled during critical processes in order to prevent potential issues, we've made it possible to use it at anytime. It means that while a scan is in progress, it's now possible to browse to the other parts of the program to see the quarantine, the settings, the exclusions, the logfiles...

We've also changed the way progress is displayed and tightened our Windows integration: the taskbar will now be colored depending on the number of detections during an analysis.

As a long awaited feature, the definitions status is now displayed in the logfile. Hence, `Cloud` or `Local` will be written to the header of the logfile, indicating if AdwCleaner used the very last definitions or the set that was bundled at the time of the last release.

Last but not least on the UI side of things, we've updated Malwarebytes moto to "Imagine a world without malware. We do" as it strengthens our stance to fight even the most annoying threats.

On top of those visible changes, a lot of internal work is being accomplished in order to make the engine more effective on the long term that will begin to be visible in AdwCleaner 7.3.0. Until then, the current version includes a new feature that will allow us to shrink the size of the definitions set, thus making the scan even faster. It will also allow us to prepare the ground for exciting new features in the coming months, but more about them soon!

Please see below for the whole changelog:


## v7.2.3.1 [03/09/2018]

### Bugfixes

- Do not detect vaccines anymore.
- Do not offer MB3 if it's already installed.

## v7.2.3 [30/08/2018]

### New Features

- The left sidebar is not disabled anymore during critical processes.
- Improved Windows 7+ integration: the progress is now displayed in the taskbar with a specific color depending on the number of elements detected.
- Improved remediation capabilities.
- Prepare major database optimization in upcoming versions (size reduction, detection improvement, ...).

### Changes

- Update Malwarebytes motto: "Imagine a world without malware. We do.".
- Display the database status in the logfile header: "Cloud" / "Local".

### Bugfixes

- Do not detect vaccines anymore.
- Update Generic detections
- Definitions 2018.08.30.1

As usual, AdwCleaner 7.2.3 is available here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/ 

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