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Block warning window will not go away


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How do you turn off the little window at the top of the Chrome browser that displays your name and underneath a warning of 'Not recommended to go to this site'? It doesn't go away regardless of what site I'm on. Attached is a print screen of that message/window while on on the Malwarebytes forum.


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My name is not displayed in that area of the Chrome window, are you using some kind of custom theme or layout add-on/extension for Chrome?  If so, then I'm guessing that it is trying to load some kind of content to display at the top of every website you visit but that content is being blocked by the Malwarebytes browser extension which is why you see that space filled in with the block/redirect notice.  What happens if you temporarily disable the Malwarebytes browser extension and refresh the page?  What is displayed at the top of the browser window then?

You can also try temporarily disabling your other browser extensions one by one and close and re-open Chrome each time you do to see which extension was responsible for attempting to load that content at the top.  Once you figure it out you can then either remove that extension or add an exclusion for the site that it is trying to connect to in the Malwarebytes extension to allow the connection (but only if you trust the extension trying to load the blocked content).

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