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Web Protection False Positives over and over since about 1-2 months

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I don't know what Malwarebytes did to either their web detection database or their web protection modules but I get ton's of false positives which are not even recorded in event log!

some examples:


are just the latest 3 occurrences. The module in it's current state is so bad as it reports nonsense and doesn't even log to event log that I had to disable web blocking! Also whitelisting the sites doesn't properly work! Please fix this asap! This all started suddenly about some weeks ago, I guess 3-4 weeks maybe a bit longer.

BTW: I'm using MB

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ok, here's the mbcheck logs and 2 screenshots which show the problem.

The screenshot "mb blocking website example" shows a forum reply form that get's blocked when I post this reply to the thread which is clearly wrong this should not be blocked

The screenshot "mb blocking no logging" shows what happens after I submit the post in the browser (the actual blocking page) and also shows that the log stays empty in MB, it doesn't log the blocked page at all.

As I said it happened to various URLs but without log I can not collect them for you. The last 3 I remember were:

all of them were blocked without reason, they are all legitimate sites without any reason to be blocked, especially eat.ch is a very popular food delivery agency in switzerland.

I also attached the logs from mb_check which also contains the FRST logs.

mb blocking no logging.PNG

mb blocking website example.PNG


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