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  1. Hello @TigerRisk-SI We have made some progress towards fixing this but we are working on some core technologies to improve them to handle SFN better. For the moment being, you can try expanding the exclusion fully while could make "C:\progra~2" = "C:\Program Files (x86)". If you are attempting to make an exclusion in an effort to improve performance of certain software and not a dealing with a detection, we are pushing out an update that has some very promising performance improvements. It'll show up as "Malwarebytes version 3.6.1.x" on your installed programs list. It is still being
  2. Hello @alicias! I PM'd you some information in relation to whitelisting our email servers IP's. Could you please check your messages. Thank you!
  3. Hello, I would like to provide some updates on this subject-- On Oct 8th we started pushing out a hotfix to resolve the high resource usage issue. It is being metered and watched closely at the moment as an upgrade. For highly impacted machines, reinstalling Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent will force the machine to download the latest (hotfixed) version. For impacted servers, I would advise to remove the Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent and do a reboot first before reinstalling. Thank you very much for patience while our engineers worked hard to resolve the issue. A special thanks for th
  4. @Kernel009, @mday, @ShaunB, @WORKS2016, @bbowman Could you please follow the steps outlined in the below article: Thank you
  5. @bbowman Could you PM me your Malwarebytes Cloud username (email address). I want to take a look into the issue(s) you are having. Thank you
  6. @Kalrand Once you install Malwarebytes Endpoint Agent using the installer from your Cloud console, it'll take a few minutes to install the "MBAMService" portion or "Malwarebytes version 3.x.x.x". This portion of the installer is downloaded when the agent itself establishes communication and checks in. @icefriday I would love to learn more about the issue you are having. Could you please get me some logs to look into? Additionally, could you PM me your Malwarebytes Cloud login email address and the hostname of a machine experiencing the issue. How to get logs:
  7. @Swen As @Kalrand mentioned, you can stop services for a short-term stop of the protection layers. This is probably the quickest approach assuming you are not trying a big deployment with this software. Alternatively, for a big deployment, to keep protection running, you can add an exclusion to the installer or simply move to a policy with everything turned off. As far as stopping services, if you don't see the names mentioned above, look for "Malwarebytes Service". You should be able to just stop that service as that's the "protection layer". Thank you
  8. Hello @kev Could you get us some logs to look into? Lets use our Malwarebytes Support Tool utility as it gathers more data that I am interested in seeing. Download Malwarebytes Support Tool Once the file is downloaded, open your Downloads folder/location of the downloaded file Double-click mb-support-X.X.X.XXXX.exe to run the program You may be prompted by User Account Control (UAC) to allow changes to be made to your computer. Click Yes to consent. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next You will be presented with a page
  9. @Computerdienst Thank you for sending over the requested logs. It looks like your Windows Server 2008 may be missing an update to enable TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 support. Please refer to the following link to get the update(click here) that enables the support. A restart of the server may be required. If our software does not continue installation automatically after applying the update and rebooting, a re-installation may be needed as well. In most cases the software is able to recover and continue installing however. Let me know how everything goes with this update appli
  10. @Ashish196 It looks like you have some of our servers blocked in your hosts file which will prevent Malwarebytes from updating and checking in correctly. These will need to be removed. As for the issue with not opening, once we have been removed from your hosts file blocks, please do the following: I am seeing some crashes from our application, we'll need to capture the crash dump Download and extract Procdump.zip Open the folder, right click on 1 - mbam_crash.bat and choose Run as Administrator Once the black window comes up, try to launch Malwar
  11. @Yas This is a known issue that will be fixed in our next release. That is a bug we found that can happen on some machines when Malwarebytes is maximized, at default size everything should look normal. There is no functional impact from this however when maximized, just a display bug. Thank you, Vlad
  12. @Melotte Please contact our live chat support in order to get your license information. Click here to be taken to the support page, our chat is on the left-side of the page. Business hours are Mon-Fri, 1am - 5pm Pacific / 8am - 11pm UTC. Thank you
  13. @dubiousvirtue Could you get us a memory dump so can look into this issue further? Check your C:\Windows directory for a "MEMORY.DMP" file You'll have to copy the file to the Desktop. Once on the Desktop, right-click > send to > Compressed (this will zip it and make the file smaller so its quicker to upload) IF MEMORY.DMP IS NOT FOUND--Check your C:\Windows\Minidump directory for *.DMP files (they'll be random names). Filter by date and send us the latest 2 or 3, if still not found-- You'll have to copy the file to the Desktop. Once on the Desktop, r
  14. @Computerdienst Could you get me some logs to look into and PM me your Malwarebytes Cloud console username (email address used to sign in). Please see: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1818 Thank you
  15. @GaryAudas We started pushing the update to fix this as of yesterday. It is possible that some of your machines not gotten it yet due to metering. I split off your comment into its own topic so we can try to figure out what is happening on your machines as it sounds like something additional may be going on. Few things we'll need. How many machines are seeing this issue? Can you get us your memory.dmp file? Located in C:\Windows Upload it to a service like wetransfer.com or your own sharing as this file will be large. Make sure to zip it in order t
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