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  1. ok, here's the mbcheck logs and 2 screenshots which show the problem. The screenshot "mb blocking website example" shows a forum reply form that get's blocked when I post this reply to the thread which is clearly wrong this should not be blocked The screenshot "mb blocking no logging" shows what happens after I submit the post in the browser (the actual blocking page) and also shows that the log stays empty in MB, it doesn't log the blocked page at all. As I said it happened to various URLs but without log I can not collect them for you. The last 3 I remember were: eat.chforum.switchdoc.comshop.compex.com.sg all of them were blocked without reason, they are all legitimate sites without any reason to be blocked, especially eat.ch is a very popular food delivery agency in switzerland. I also attached the logs from mb_check which also contains the FRST logs. mb-check-results.zip
  2. I don't know what Malwarebytes did to either their web detection database or their web protection modules but I get ton's of false positives which are not even recorded in event log! some examples: eat.ch forum.switchdoc.com shop.compex.com.sg are just the latest 3 occurrences. The module in it's current state is so bad as it reports nonsense and doesn't even log to event log that I had to disable web blocking! Also whitelisting the sites doesn't properly work! Please fix this asap! This all started suddenly about some weeks ago, I guess 3-4 weeks maybe a bit longer. BTW: I'm using MB
  3. I was browsing around in the "Compex" Webshop a legit hardware supplier from singapore. But every click in the webshop beeing registering, logging in, etc. ended up in a Malware Blocked URL report. When I looked at the even log at first I didn't even find the entries, because as first error they are beeing logged with wrong date. They were logged today with date of 30.12.2017 instead of 04.01.2018? Then they are showing totally wrong domain "creative.stripchat.com" instead of "www.compex.com.sg". Also adding "www.compex.com.sg" to exclusions did not help to overcome the block. Probably I would have to add "creative.stripchat.com" but didn't want to to that. So In the end I had to disable web protection until I could make the purchase in this shop. Can you please check if this shop really makes an outgoing connection via javascript or so or if MB3 is somehow totally borked. I mean the wrong date is strange too. btw here is the exported data of the blocked event. Malwarebytes www.malwarebytes.com -Protokolldetails- Datum des Schutzereignisses: 30.12.17 Uhrzeit des Schutzereignisses: 02:57 Protokolldatei: d50333d2-ed04-11e7-9f8a-d8cb8aecbfbd.json Administrator: Ja -Softwaredaten- Version: Komponentenversion: 1.0.273 Version des Aktualisierungspakets: 1.0.3586 Lizenz: Premium -Systemdaten- Betriebssystem: Windows 10 (Build 16299.125) CPU: x64 Dateisystem: NTFS Benutzer: System -Einzelheiten zu blockierten Websites- Bösartige Website: 1 , , Blockiert, [-1], [-1],0.0.0 -Website-Daten- Kategorie: Betrug Domäne: creative.stripchat.com IP-Adresse: Port: [0] Typ: Ausgehend Datei: (end)
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