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The site socialquant.net has been excluded by me, yet still is blocked by malwarebytes.  I have had it up to here with this whole issue that I reported and got thown in a circle loop. Then they tell me to read what is a false positive. You could not find such a thing in here if your life depended on it.  This place is highly recommended by many people in social media training courses such as KimGarst as an example. They have a https account. This what they have mentioned to me. So why can I not exculde them. They are on my list and you dudes and duettes if you have any, keep blocking this site.  So why is your exclusion not working?  A totally frustrated customer.  I asked for help 1 1/2 months ago with the question of why the exclusion not working.  Then we go round and round with me running all kinds of programs and guess what your support people tell me. Well since there is nothing wrong with your version of malwarebytes, just put the site on the exclusion list. Full circle folks full circle. Then you make me join a forum to get help and give me a rough time since you don't like my password.  Then the Larry dude that had me in a circular discussion for 1 1/2 months tells me to go to here to be very careful oh very careful to  NOT NOT NOT Report a False Positve and the link is supposed to tell me what one is. Well cannot find such an article here. So all I want to know is why can I not exclude a site that is safe when you think it isn't. Where is your proof that it isn't? I guess you can tell I am a very very very FRUSTRATED Customer.

[[[Hi Susan,

I don't know why Malware Bytes would have our site as a fraud. We are https and validate our security every five minutes so we're sure the site is safe to access. Twitter won't always send notification that we are accessing your account (they really shouldn't as we do it consistently and that's really only to alert you of unusual activity) but I do see your account is active and we are logging in.


-- David ]]]


Malware bytes.docx

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Yep, had that in there. Have both in there, yet still blocked, both are on my exclusions.  Nope still not working. Ran all those darn programs for you all too and nothing wrong supposedly. So I ask now as I have asked many times before, why don't your exclusions work. I have both https://www.socialquant.net & https://socialquant.net both on my exclusion list.  Sure would like it if you helped.

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Hello SSuehr,

Try adding the actual IP address of I had no problem reaching that site once I added the IP as well.

-Website Data-
Domain: www.socialquant.net
IP Address:
Port: [62312]
Type: Outbound

Please let me know how that worked out for you. If you're still having trouble reaching the site, which browser are you using?

socialquant exclusions.png

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