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  1. Hello Saar, Thank you very much for your message! Since the website is clean, the block will be removed. Unfortunately, it will be readded if the phishing content is found again.
  2. Hello sperlab, The domain got blocked for PayPal phishing - hxxp://wp.itworks.cuicui.org/stats/usage/pay.php
  3. Hello Gerard, The block is due to PUP.Raxco -http://www.raxco.com/home/products/perfectregistry
  4. The block will be reviewed, thanks!
  5. The block will be reviewed, thanks!
  6. Hello RamuelGall, Thank you very much, the block will be removed!
  7. Thank you very much suehiro, the block will be removed!
  8. Hello rj1094, Fortunately, we are not blocking that domain. Can you please provide us your protection logs?
  9. Hello LongUsername, We are sorry for the confusion, the block will be removed and update pushed out in 5 minutes from now. Can you please send me your contact details in PM so we can speedup this process if gamebanana.com gets blocked next time? Once again, we are sorry for the trouble!
  10. Hi zilladotexe, The block will be removed.
  11. suspicious

    Hello lespaul678, Thanks, that's great news! If you see it once again, please let us know
  12. Thanks Sucuri, the block will be removed
  13. Hello AGoel, Thanks, the block will be removed!
  14. suspicious

    Hello lespaul678, This notification might be triggered by an ad. Do you receive it constantly?
  15. Hello HostingForAll, The block has been corrected.