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  1. Hello adrianp, As Zynthesist said, the IP you listed is filled with tech support scam domains.
  2. Unfortunately, the block is on due to malicious content.
  3. Hello Brumby777, You can still visit deposit files as the ads are probably causing the warning, but you don't have to worry since you will be secured.
  4. Thanks Porthos! The IP is blocked for sending Dridex/Locky malspam.
  5. Hello MaheshK, The domain rocketavenue is blocked for malvertising.
  6. Hello Brumby777, As you can see from the logs, the domain that is blocked is jleads.in a known infection source.
  7. Hello Idontknow, The domain has been blocked for PUP.
  8. Hello dugn8r, The block was on the IP, but it will be removed because the malicious content has been cleaned up. Thank you!
  9. Hello Navneet, Fortunately, we are not blocking this domain. Can you please post the protection log so we can take a look at it?
  10. Hello MukeshKhan, The block will stay since the website is blocked for fake techsupport.
  11. Hello rubisc, The block will be removed since the website is clean now.
  12. Hello perz, Unfortunately, the whole .bid TLD is blocked at this point.
  13. Hello Bazinga, Unfortunately, the whole .bid TLD is blocked at this point.
  14. Hello hacktress, The following websites have been reviewed and the block has been been removed since they are clean at this point. But we will keep an eye on them in case the phishing pages return. Thank you very much for your help!
  15. We are very happy to hear that!