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  1. Thanks, the block will be removed.
  2. Can you please take a look at this file - http://agmdata.com/latest/large/forest4.exe https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/OWVjYTVjMTkzN2IyMjNmYmJkY2NmNmYxNzdmZDM5ZmI6MTU4NTU3MDA5MA==/detection ?
  3. Unfortunately, there is no way of doing that, as we are blocking the hostname. Thanks for the understanding!
  4. This is not a fp as the link leads to fraudulent pages. For example - http://studcat.infra.systems/signup?prod=3&ref=$$CUSTOM_PARAM(refcode)$$&spid=MTcjMzkxIzIjNzc3fDM2NjB8UEV8MXwxfHxjSFZpYVdRKk1qRXdPQX5ZMnhwWTJ0cFpBKk1UUTVOekF5TXpFek0yMWlNemt5TlRrNU1ESXhPREF8fGFjNmQyYTEwLTRkMmEtMTFlNy04M2I4LWM4MWY2NmU2NTBkM3w&sub_id=2108&sf=eone&m=movies&sfv=5&lid=552a0a42-f44a-4826-9a6d-9d833cd4d04f
  5. Website has been cleaned, so the block will be removed.
  6. Your websites were infected at some point and that's the reason why they were blocked. Here are some URLs that were malicious - http://kids-express.de/404/css/reso.zip http://kids-express.de/wp-content/themes/dt-the7/fonts/fontawesome/css/msg.jpg http://kids-express.de/wp-content/themes/dt-the7/fonts/fontawesome/css/reso.zip
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