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connected external Hard Drives

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I have read that leaving external drives connected to the computer could lead to ransomware infecting files on those drives. All my connected drives are AC powered. If the power to the drives is turned OFF, and therefore can not spin, I assume that condition is safe. Is this assumption true?

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If they are not getting power, then that is correct, they should not be able to be affected by ransomware.

Of course, if there are no backup copies of the data on those drives, they could (and eventually will) have a physical failure, resulting in that data being lost. At this time, that's a much bigger risk on a Mac than ransomware. So be sure you have that data thoroughly backed up, preferably with at least one backup saved to storage that is off-site for maximum safety.

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Thanks Thomas.

Yes I have many off site backups and 2 flavors of clones. Thanks for your quick response.

Another ? if I may. I do not have firewall protection other than the built in OS X. Nor do I understand anything about that. I do not have an anti virus program. I have read they slow down Mac performance a lot. Given that I am throughly backed up, do I have need for the above add ons?

What do you suggest?

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