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[Release] AdwCleaner

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This release brings a lot of changes and is a complete rewrite (as v6 was last year), but this time in C++. Here are a few highlights of those updates:

The most visible one is the user interface:



Compared to the v6, the "Clean" button disappears and is only displayed when a scan has been ran. The interface is now fully responsive to adapt to most of screen sizes and resolutions.

Next, the big change is the results displayed per families ("Adware.EoRezo" in above screenshots) instead of  per type of element. This allows to directly select of deselect a whole Adware or PUP that an user may want to keep. It's possible to get more information on a family by a right-click on it. A lookup on https://blog.malwarebytes.com/detections/ will display more details about this infection.

Another major change is the scan speed, which is 15 percent to 25 percent faster in v7 compared to v6 thanks to the migration to C++ and various optimizations in the scan and database management. Most of the scans should now take around 30 seconds, and there's room for improvement in future releases.

Also, most of JRT detections have been incorporated in AdwCleaner v7. We progressively and silently integrated most of its technology in previous v6 releases during the last months. Most of it but not all of it, as JRT detects a few elements AdwCleaner doesn't have vocation to detect (like temporary files). Please get in touch if you see that AdwCleaner missed some elements compared to JRT. Share your findings here please.

Last but not least, Microsoft announced that Windows Vista is no longer supported. Since January 2017, Windows XP has represented 0.12 percent of our users. Windows Vista 1.51 percent. Thus, the choice has been made to no longer make AdwCleaner v7 compatible with these OS. AdwCleaner v7 now officially supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 10 CU in both x32 and x64. As for the v6, it may work on other OSes but are not officially supported.

We understand that it may not be ideal for some of you, so I encourage to use Malwarebytes 3 which runs on Windows Vista and XP.

We are looking forward to get your feedback on this new release.

As usual, the changelog is available:

//////// v7.0.0.0 - 17/07/17 ////////

This release is a complete rewrite.

[ADD] New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use)
[ADD] New database format, with concept of family
[ADD] Additional actions per family
[ADD] Most of JRT technology now included
[ADD] New database management system
[ADD] Use of a CDN to provide database downloads
[ADD] No longer dependent on 3rd parties dll
[ADD] In-App updater
[ADD] "Submit samples" menu entry

[UPD] Database 2017-07-17.1
[UPD] Updated Generic detections
[UPD] All cleaning modules are more powerful against various system and permissions issues
[UPD] Remediation for browsers faster and no longer corrupt preferences.
[UPD] Scan faster by 15 to 25%
[UPD] Translations coverage improved
[UPD] Handling of process killing
[UPD] Quarantine format, now more robust.

[BUG] No longer dependent on sqlite3.dll
[BUG] Fixed GUI not displaying any graphics in a few cases

I know that some of you have been disappointed by the development speed in the last months. As explained several times, this was because the focus was to bring new features in the v7 and no longer in the v6. Please note the database has been updated daily to add a lot of new detection. We expect to be back with the usual release rate of one version every few weeks now.

AdwCleaner v6 will continue to work but is no longer maintained and its database is no longer updated.

I am very thankful to people who have been part of this new major release for testing, translations, detections ideas, ... Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

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