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Microsoft admits it disables anti-virus


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I see this as a storm in a teacup. (It's part of a different beef that Kaspersky has).

You upgrade your OS and old versions of some programmes are no longer compatible, so they are disabled.
Newer versions of the same software are compatible and so don't get disabled.

So some old versions of Kaspersky's AV got disabled, newer versions didn't.

Same thing has happened with old versions of CCleaner and other software during Windows 10 updates.
And it's not just 3rd party stuff, Windows Media Centre was incompatible with Windows 10 and so was disabled.

If it happens to you then go get the latest update of the programme, or an alternative if it's not been updated like WMC wasn't.

Like I say this is part of Kaspersky's complaint that now the Windows 10 OS includes Windows Defender as a free Anti Virus they are not selling as many units of Kaspersky AV.
They claim that this is unfair competition on the part of Microsoft.

I see this as akin to a radio manufacturer saying that Ford are guilty of unfair competition because they fit a car radio as standard, so now the radio manufacture can't sell you one. (When car radios were an optional extra, this was a big bussiness for radio manufacturers).

If you want people to replace the standard item provided, or the standard software provided, then you have to make yours worth the extra money you are asking.
You don't try to make the manufacturer stop supplying standard items/software altogether.

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