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Computer with multiple virus issues. I need help!

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Hello, I am writing this because I just bought my sisters old computer which she got around 2012 and after she had gotten viruses she tried to combat them and they won so it has just sat for years. and it is loaded with negative viruses, malware, etc. First off I went through the program list and deleted all that seemed as if it didn't belong. That worked at first until I wasn't able to connect to the internet due to me deleting something I thought was bad, but was necessary for function. I had to restore it to before I started deleting things, went back through and was more cautious on what to delete. Once it was all done, I mistakenly connected it to the internet and went to restart it and it started updating like crazy. then would make a beeping noise as it was starting up. then once I was on, it said "your account is temporary" and upon further research there are corrupted files that I can not seem to find even with well guided instructions. It is not running too slow now, just a accuweather app on the home screen I can not seem to get rid of and every time it restarts it redoes my account all over. I desperately need this computer to function correctly for me and have no idea what to do. I was referred to your system through a couple of friends who said there is no comparison to your system. If you can figure out what it could be or what I can do to cure it, please contact me back. If you need any more specific information, let me know. Thank you.

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