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Cant run uninstall or reinstall Anti-malware.exe

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Hi..I just got the download for v1.39 & had a set off self-installing viruses on at the same time...

It took 2 reboots but everything seemed gone... 4or 5 viruses first time, 2 left 2nd time....

got those also.

I had Avira on at the time I dont think it even noticed them..might have I dont recall...

Well did 1st update on mbam & it now wont run & a fresh DL'd copy wont install to over write..

It crashes about 1/2 way thru

I try uninstalling but it does nothing.....Windows remove program does nothing(seems to use your un-installer.)

I poked around here & found the Hi-Jack This recommendation that crashes immediately on install too..

Avira runs just fine & says there is nothing found when scanning....I believe its mistaken.

I used trend-micro's housecall & it found a few suspicious cookies & 2 keyfinder programs I have sitting in a folder.

Odd things are:

Repeated "Google installer problem must close" on boot-up & occasionally during normal operation.

Avira now always comes up turned off on reboot Ihave tostart manually....Used to come up operational.

When I get the virus there is a small "illegal operation" window from some Adobe product which is not running at that time.

Im pretty sure this thing is coming from pictures here.....http://img135.picfoco.com/img.php?id=

Is this something new..????

I love your anti-virus & feel nekkid on the inet without it.....*grin*

Any recommendations would be appreciated...

Oh I tried the command line stuff " mbam.exe" but got a not found error.


Im running XPhome now fully updated ..it was at the beginning of this shy 4 small updates...

getting them changed nothing.

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First please take a look and see if any of these posts help you to get MBAM running or not.

Potential Malware infection issues to review to get MBAM running

If none of above apply in your case, then try if Malwarebytes works when you rename mbam.exe. This is the file located in the Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware folder. So rename mbam.exe to blah.exe (or so). It also happens in some cases that malware blocks EVERY process except for what is in its own whitelist, so these include system important processes. So that's why it may be a good idea to rename mbam.exe to explorer.exe or so.

Also try to run Mbam from Windows Safe mode.

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Since there is no feedback anymore, I assume this issue is resolved ... so, this Topic is closed.

If you need this topic reopened for continuations of existing problems, please request this by sending me a PM with the address of the thread. This applies only to the original topic starter.

Everyone else please begin a New Topic.

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