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Ransomware Detection

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I am curious as to how the Ramsomware modules notifies about detection as opposed to the regular malware module.

I ask as I have been testing with some real malware about which 60% is ransomware.   I specific piece was detected as ransomware and quarantined as such.  Then a reboot was required to complete quarantine.  That piece was not detected by MB2.  With all the other malware only 2 were missed.  The rest were not only caught  by MB3 but MB2.  This leaves me a bit puzzled about the Ransomeware module in MB3.

Would love clarifaction.



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Do all items detected by the ransomware module need a reboot?

I do not believe so, but new threats come out all the time and because they use different attack vectors, there's no easy way to say which ones will and won't need a reboot.

If any ransomware was detected by both MB3 and  MB2 does that mean it wasn't the ransomware module in 3.

The ransomware module in MB3 has the same functionality of the ransomware module in MB2, plus the extra benefits provided by MB3. You can read up on those benefits in the release notes for Malwarebytes 3 (https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/). If you're running MB3, the ransomware module in MB3 should detect anything that was detected in our Anti-ransomware Product.

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