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  1. I think the startup folder is infected so mbam can't uninfect and deletes some files from it ask customer support.
  2. Ok so i turned on my computer and then malwarebytes said that web protection is disabled i tried enabling it but it said starting and nothing else so i clicked quit mbam and restarted it first it brought me a message can't remember what some error and then it started my computer fan was working very loud too am i at risk?
  3. Android.Becuro is a Trojan horse for Android devices that downloads potentially malicious files onto the compromised device. Android package file The Trojan may arrive as a package with the following characteristics: Package name: com.cube.activity Version: 1.0 Name: android.cube Installation Once installed, the application does not display an icon. Note: Virus definitions dated May 13, 2015 or earlier detect this threat as Android.Becur. Android/AirPush is an android app that may potentially be adware or may compromise your personal information. These safety risks should be considere
  4. Same as the Malware detection but tells you it got detected by the ransomware module and that it's ransomware
  5. I have the premium version of MBAM too but i think the anti-ransomware program and MBAM Premium 3.0 have the same databases
  6. Lol i would like it Red or violet cause i like those colors but probably not i mean the icon ":D
  7. And there is a happy ending i have an Alienware 17 R3 and malwarebytes does not detect it's things like the command center
  8. I checked and it has AdWare oh a mod already told you ok
  9. Seems suspicious i would not download if i were you Malwarebytes rarely has false positives.
  10. Some important files are overriden by malware you should delete all malwarebytes files and then reinstall if you can't reinstall it then the malware is deep in the registry
  11. Hmm some compatiblity problems i guess can't help ya with that sorry D:
  13. Hmmm i had that too i think it's some new type of malware that Malwarebytes can't detect i mean nothing can detect it it closes malwarebytes sometimes too does it not? i reinstalled my windows from a boot cd to fix it try it out too
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