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  1. Installed 4.01 on 2nd machine with help of support tool. Running smoothly
  2. Well I am enjoying a helping of humble pie. I really thought the uninstall I did was it. But after following the above outline, 4.01 install pretty as could be. Thanks guys. Pete
  3. Hi Exile360 After the install over the top failed, I did a complete uninstall, and left the system for a day to be sure. Then I did a clean install of 4.01, but never could get the malware protection turned on. I did a macrium reflect uninstall. Pete
  4. I haven't had any success with 4.01. Tried an install over and it seemed to work perfectly. But after finishing when I opened the GUI it still showed 4.00. So I did a complete uninstall waited a day to be sure the system was good, and tried installing 4.01. Went fine, but I could never get the malware protection to turn on. Uninstalled and will wait to the next version
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