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DO NOT TRY to INSTALL v2 over V3!!

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Well Version 3.x is buggy as Hell.  I thought I could simply reinstall Version 2.x over Version 3.x and it would downgrade.

DO NOT TRY THIS!!!  It made my machine unbootable, I'm writing this from another PC as I wrestle with how to boot back into my regular PC's desktop.

I'm disappointed.  I own a bunch of MBAW licenses for my PCs, family's PCs and most importantly WIFE's PC.  (Thank Goodness I screwed up my PC and not hers!!) ;-)

Stupidly I already updated every PC to Version 3.x without checking here first. 

How do I safely roll back to v2.x??  I'm not seeing it on the downloads page here any longer.

-- Cain


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After much fiddling I was able to roll back to a System Restore point with MBAW 2.x.  It would not work so I cleaned and uninstalled as much as could and reloaded MBAW 2.x. 

For now I put everything back the way it was, including re-installing MBAW 3.x.  I'll assume you folks will get it fixed soon.

The only problem I;m having now is that "Turn On" message everytime I boot.  For now I just press that button and it seems to be OK.

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Thx Reid. 

Another bug is I have a red exclamation point (red triangle) on the taskbar icon. 

Mouseover (right click) and it says "Exploit Protection:Off" but it is on, it is not off...

I can't get that red mark to go away or the icon right click to stop showing exploit protection OFF.

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Thx Ried. I kept opening and closing the program, stopping and restarting it and rebooted a couple of times and it fixed it. 

I love me some MalwareBytes, but this 3.x is still a little buggy.  I'm confident you folks will get it fixed soon, I'll just be patient and sit tight.

I'm not going to try and uninstall it again, I'll just wait for the patch to 3.x.

Take care and thanks!!

-- Cain


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