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Can`t even trust Malwarebytes with a simple trial evaluation

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I installed Malwarebytes Premium 3 on Saturday, 10 Dec 2016 for a TRIAL evaluation for 14, yes FOURTEEN days.

On Sunday, 11 Dec 2016, it showed that i HAD to update as the program was out of date.

After the update, the PREMIUM TRIAL EVALUATION changed to FREE !! ........after only ONE day ?????

I`m sorry, but if a company is not able to keep their word during evaluation of their product, then i won`t trust them any further.

I uninstalled their product, but sadly there is still a folder with a .dll file inside which i cannot get rid of.

As i have PRE-PAID internet, this was a real costly experience.



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Hi Swannie :)

Can you post here the link from which you downloaded and installed Malwarebytes 3.0? My guess is that you downloaded an older beta version and it updated to the GA version, where the trials have been reset for everyone. 

Also, regarding the .dll you cannot delete, my guess is that it's mbae64.dll, and if you had a protected application open (like Google Chrome), you couldn't delete it because it was in use (still hooked). Close all your programs, and you should be able to delete the folder/file.

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Hi Aura,

I can never remember links as one of my programs  always deletes all internet traces, but i downloaded the newest program, Malwarebytes Premium from their official site.

It found more than 5000 threats on the first scan, so i was really impressed and worked out if the trial only stops at +- 24 Dec, then i can wait for 03 Jan 2017 for my pension to be paid in and then pay for it, although it cost an arm and a leg with the monopoly money we use in South Africa. (IE:  500Mb of data is R100.00 !)

Therefore i was highly upset after the change to free after only such a short time.

Thnx for your friendly reply.



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