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I'm just not sure...

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I really can't say that my computer is acting funny or doing anything out of the norm, but here in the last week I've had a lot of unusual activity in my accounts (banking, netflix, apple id, etc) where theyve been locked out for suspicious account logins and my Neflix account was actually hacked and I had to call them to regain everything. I changed all of the login information (email and password) and now 48 hours later I get another message from them that a second suspicious login has occurred (even with my new login details). I don't know if something is running on my computer that shouldn't be or what. If anyone who has experience can look at whatever logs and see if something looks out of place that might be causing this that would be helpful.

I do also seem to be having some issues with accessing certain domains (timing out) when I can access them through a proxy just fine. 

For the record, I'm running MB Pro, MB AE, Avast Pro, as well as an IDF Online Identity Protection toolset that I get from Identity Force. I also keep things pretty update with Ninite Updater. 

So do i need to start off with a FRST scan/log?


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Thanks for checking. I didn't think anything was on it because I've taken a lot of steps (thanks to you guys) to help secure it better, but just all the weird messages from various accounts I've been getting lately about my password being reset for account security reasons and even my Netflix account being hacked twice in the last week (different login credentials each time). Just got another message today that my LinkedIn account now requires a password reset (We've recently noticed a potential risk to your LinkedIn account coming from outside LinkedIn and just to be safe, we've locked your account for now.) Pretty much what I've been getting from a lot of places in the last few weeks so I was just like uh oh maybe something is on my computer and hijacking my login info. Could potentially be old information that maybe was compromised a while ago and just now circulating online. Who knows. Appreciate the check though. Gives me some peace of mind now. 

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