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I'm using a P2P program which MBAM blocks IP's of constantly, which is fine. However, it's pretty annoying when a notification pops up every two minutes, and the only option is to turn off ALL notifications, when I'm in dire need of seeing everything else it blocks. Please implement this feature and I will love you forever.

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Hello @sjukKar and :welcome:


A couple things.

1. Almost all P2P downloading is illegal around the World with different Countries having different penalties, including fines and potential jail time for some - there are a few exceptions but not many. The owner of the largest P2P site out there was recently arrested and site to be shut down, sort of shows you where P2P is going.

2. Ignoring item 1 you should be able to add the program you're using to the exclusions. Under, Settings, Web Exclusions, Add Process (it does not work for everything but it does work for many.)

Give item 1 or 2 a try and let us know

Thank you


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1. Is not of a concern in my situation.

2. It is merely the notifications of this specific process I am trying to disable, not the blocking itself. I know you don't support this feature, that's why I made this post; as a suggestion. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough initially.

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