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May want to humor this: How does anyone intend..

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On having success with anti-root/exloit/Mach software, let alone  removal of such, when every individual file and/or configuration is geared at maintaining integrity of itself, preventing such a program/software that is geared and destroying it/preventing it, and that obnoxiously improves its defense every time it encounters something new?

And of course, without knowing what the entirety of the source code and configuration is specifically? Especially when this kit exploits every known and unknown vulnerability of an Apple computer configuration and filesystem(system, software, kernel, etc)?

What if it slips each authorization request, using a variety of methods depending on the what and who of a request? 

What if of everytime a system scan is started, and a certain request is made through the scan, a trigger is induced, leading to a simultaneously passing the request to where it's needed, while putting to sleep corresponding tasks running to the background and/or threading processes?

And of course, what if, all right before the kit begins to reconfigure and build, it greps the Mach binary configuration that is checked through a compromised system check, and simply stores the original configuration for anytime this request is made? All of which can be maintianed and implemented with a single file?  

One last thing, what if it's implemented by a sh script as simple as 


begin 644 foo.bar.tar.gz(files many of us have come acrossed and opened)


...and then the ensuing code Constructed as an EOF format?

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