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My mother was charged over $250 by a supposed tech support company to install Antimalware Pro. Is this against Malwarebytes terms of service or other rights? 

Does Malwarebytes allow or prohibit tech support companies to distribute Antimalware Pro, and/or charge literally ten times the listed price for the software?

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She fell for a Tech Support scam.  As scammers and fraudsters they do not follow the rules and ethics of others.  They can state that the cost was not for the product but for their time.  The objective is and must be to put the charges in a dispute with the Credit Card issuing company ASAP on the basis she was duped by a fraud scheme.  Issuance of a new Credit Card may be a good idea as well.

I have attached three videos of Tech Support scams so you and others can recognize these frauds easier.

{ They are ONLY videos }





US FBI PSA - Tech Support Scam


The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is receiving an increase in complaints related to technical support scams, where the subject claims to be an employee (or an affiliate) of a major computer software or security company offering technical support to the victim. Recent complaints indicate some subjects are claiming to be support for cable and Internet companies to offer assistance with digital cable boxes and connections, modems, and routers. The subject claims the company has received notifications of errors, viruses, or security issues from the victim's internet connection. Subjects are also claiming to work on behalf of government agencies to resolve computer viruses and threats from possible foreign countries or terrorist organizations. From January 1, 2016, through April 30, 2016, the IC3 received 3,668 complaints with adjusted losses of $2,268,982.


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