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Found 15 results

  1. My credit card was used fraudulently and canceled by the issuing bank. I logged in to add the new card to my account, but the system will not allow me to do so because I am enrolled in auto-renewal. I tried ***everything,*** including trying to cancel my account, but apparently there is no reason good enough to leave Malwarebytes and I was completely stymied. I found a customer service number but there's no customer service to be had. The chat bot failed to understand the problem and referred me to irrelevant articles. I am flummoxed. It feels like the Hotel California: You can never leave.
  2. I received a bill for $79.99, which I think is for a year's service on 3 devices. I am also paying $3.00 per month for the service, which brings the yearly bill to $115.99. Are my billing and arithmetic correct? thx
  3. Hallo, I have a Licence for seven devices in my Malwarebyte Premium account. Three out of seven are no longer used. I already deactivated them in "manage devices". How can I reduce my account from seven to four devices so I pay only for 4 devices at the next extension date? I only found "Buy more" but not "Delete" I would really appreciate an answer.😀 Michael
  4. My 2 year subscription runs out in 3 days but re-subscribes on auto.. The last 2 year period cost $87.99 for 3 but it seems that is the cost for 1 year now is $87.99. How can I find out? Also, how do I add 1 more user to the current 3 user licence? How do I get to talk to someone in billing?
  5. Hello, I recently installed Malwarebytes Premium in April. I decided tonight I wanted to add the VPN. I followed the instructions to my.malwarebytes.com but there was not a "Add Privacy Protection" option on my subscription page. So I bought the VPN for 5 devices and assumed Malwarebytes would subtract the difference as it says on the website but the end result is I now have an additional Premium Account and License Key and instead of 5 Devices it is $59.99 for 3 Devices and still no VPN. Funny thing is now when I go to my subscriptions there is now an option to "Add Privacy Protection" and of course that will be another additional charge? Top it all off I a few suspicious emails one in my spam. Very strange behavior on my home PC and phone as well. Malwarebytes on my phone shows apps that have not been updated since 2008? And I'm constantly seeing some kind of Verizon stuff everywhere?? I don't even use Verizon services. There are so many things that have happened lately, I am just completely overwhelmed. Please if anyone can help I sure could use it. Thank you.
  6. Hihi, I purchased premium malwarebytes, late December and obviously its a yearly subscription so why did another payment go out of my account a few days ago? Which one of these is the legitimate charge, if both are legitimate then why the extra payment? Renewal date Dec 23, 2020 Dec 27, 2019 CBI*MALWAREBYTES Shopping $42.39 See details about this transaction Jan 26, 2020 2COCOM*MALWAREBYTES Shopping $42.39 See details about this transaction
  7. Hello: I mistakenly entered my one year membership 2 times which resulted in my Visa being charged choc576
  8. Olá! Hoje recebi minhas contas e percebi que há licenças premium duplicadas do malwarebytes nela, sendo que comprei apenas uma licença para mim. A compra ocorreu em 07/24. Agradeço desde já.
  9. I have a Premium License for three devices and would like to add one more, I have read another post that says email/ticket billing. I did that and they said too bad buy another License and they are not combined. Is that true there is no way to add to an existing key?
  10. Hello, I just downloaded MB3 and clicked the button to purchase, created an account on the website and purchased a 1 year, 1 device license but the confirmation screen doesnt show me an activation/license code and I never got an email for the purchase. I got other emails when creating the account but nothing for purchasing. In addition, when I refresh my dashboard, it doesnt say I have any subscriptions. What happened? Did my money get taken?? I see the money withdrawn from my paypal account already from Avangate INC. FYI. I have no idea what to do here...
  11. Hi. Long time premium user here. Using MB (current) and I don't seem to be able to start the web protection after a restart on win10 pro. It says "Starting" forever.. The other realtime protections seems ok. Reinstalled mb but the same.. Now it's non responsive too.. I need to renew my subs 21 Feb and my old credit card is invalid now. Edited billing to use Paypal, but I don't know if it went through. Will be kepping an eye on it. Don't want my Premuim to expire :-)
  12. Hi, I am trying to renew my subscription with PayPal. I get a notification that "We're unable to renew your subscription" in MB3. I click "Update Payment Information". I choose PayPal, click "Next". Then, "Update Your Subscription". It shows a message that I "successfully updated your payment details". Then, next day it tries to process the payment and I get another failure email. I have verified that Cleverbridge subscription is active in PayPal. Please advise, thanks!
  13. Hi, I already own 1 PC license for Malware Byte. It will expire on 18th Feb 2018. My reference number is ....... I need 2 more licenses for my 2 other laptops. If I buy 2 license for 2 years and continue with current, it will be costlier than buying 3 license for 2 years. Can you help me so that I can buy 3 licenses for 2 years right now with discount with respect to my current license for which I paid Rs 1821 and which is still active for 6 more months.
  14. My mother was charged over $250 by a supposed tech support company to install Antimalware Pro. Is this against Malwarebytes terms of service or other rights? Does Malwarebytes allow or prohibit tech support companies to distribute Antimalware Pro, and/or charge literally ten times the listed price for the software?
  15. I have sent two emails related to a billing problem but no one has ever responded. Since you don't give out phone numbers, my only recourse is to post it here. How do I get some help?????
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