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I purposefully did not renew my Malwarebytes subscription due to compatibility issues I ran into with past Paint Shop Pro versions. I recently purchased Paint Shop Pro X8 Ultimate and, like many others, I have lagging and freezing problems. I have added Corel psp x8 to my computer after installing a new solid state hard drive. This hard drive has never had another graphics program on it and, so far, has not had Malwarebytes either. In the past, on my former hard drive, I dealt with adding the exclusions and so forth to keep win7 security, malwarebytes, MB exploit, and psp running together. I also forgot that the subscription to MB would be renewed automatically so now I am subscribed again but not installed. Corel is poor (to say the least) about addressing the current psp x8 lag, freeze, crash problems and I finally gave up on talking with them about it. So..here I sit with the right to re download Malwarebytes and exploit but I have to say that with problems already existing with psp x8 I do not want to add fuel to the fire. I am heavily into graphics and while I am disappointed with the performance of psp x8, I am able to limp through using it with manipulative maneuvers. My fear is that adding Malwarebytes will break the camel's back as they say. I do lots of research but finding forum examples of my giving situation has been fruitless. There is plenty of complaining out there about psp x8 but very little answers. Yes, that should be Corel's problem but there is a great deal of set-up involved with getting security and graphics to work together from an end user point of view. I know this from everything I had to do in the past to get all the programs to play nice. This time around I cannot locate any advice directed at running MB, PSP x8, and MS Security suite together. I won't just reinstall MB because, if there are problems, straightening everything out, including program removals if necessary, can take days! I make it my business to know my computer and the programs I choose well and hate to not have MB on board but I learned the hard way just how screwed-up things can get. Anyone out there try running MB, MBAE, Corel PSP X8 Ultimate, and MS Security Suite on Win 7? In the past, both MB and MSSS had to be tweaked through exclusions and so forth, which wasn't that bad once I had the correct information. I use Win 7 by choice and, at this point, I am not interested in Win 8 or 10 due to the amount of end user tech control that has been taken away. Any info might be helpful and would be appreciated. Bottom line is I won't re load MB until I know what is called for in the situation I have. The functionality of my computer and graphics program is too important to me to take hit and miss chances again.

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Until December, I was running Windows 7 Pro x64 with Corel PSP6.  I use Bitdefender as my anti-virus solution, along with MBAM and MBAE, premium versions.  I never encountered any issues with PSP6, or with previous versions of PSP, running BD, MBAM, and MBAE, which I have done for years.


In December, I upgraded my computer, via clean install, to Windows 10 Pro x64.  Again, I have not encountered any issues and I have not configured any MBAM/MBAE exceptions with the new PSP8 Ultimate, that I purchased and installed in December.


Could it be the MS Security Suite that is the issue; or, is there something else in your computer configuration?


I monitor these Forums daily and I have not read of any issues about Corel PSP being "sideswiped" by MBAM or MBAE.


Perhaps one of the folks more knowledgeable than me will request some logs from you to take a look.


Have a great day.




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