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  1. I would assume that MB would be cautious as to what to communicate with regards to this event. Although it is not the "right" thing to do, in the litigation enhanced world we live in, I would bet legal advice would have them proceed carefully. I would also expect to see a new and improved user agreement for each demographic of their clientele base or one that covers all; including themselves. This is reality. Yes, mistakes are made in every walk of technology and this is part of being human. The other side of the coin is what this has put all of their affected clients through. Buffering clients from the effects of this should have already been part of the testing process and MB knows this is possible. Publicly speaking, we may never see or hear the end result of this for MB. After reading this forum in its entirety and experiencing this from a MB client perspective, I do believe the following to be true: 1. This caused problems for all affected clients that were/are time consuming and, in some cases expensive. In other cases reputations have been damaged. 2. There should have been a better communicative process already in place by MB for such an event that would reach their clients, however, when your product is capable of incapacitating the only means of communicating with a client (for many this was the case), alternative (redundant) means of communication must also be in place. 3. MB did find a remedy in a relatively short amount of time, however, communicating this could have been part of a communicative process already in place for such an event. 4. MB website and this forum does provide for a communication venue for such an event, as well as, a "pacification button" for those who would otherwise have very few emotional outlet choices in the aftermath of this type of occurrence; especially when considering the level at which this could and would piss someone off! I have been a MB customer for some years and will continue to be. If I were MB I would definitely be thinking about how to prevent this type of error from reaching clients in the future.
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