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my domain is falsely blocked


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Mike Pikkov told me to make a post in order to get my domain unblocked. The domain is question is safe-browsing.com *.safe-browsing.com and *.*.safe-browsing.com.


Our customers are being negatively affected because of this false positive so please let me know what I can do to get this addressed as soon as possible. 


In the past, Malwarebytes Customer Support has been very helpful, but this time has been quite a struggle and I have not had a great experience. 



FEB 09, 2016  |  07:50AM PST
Mike replied:

Hi Michelle,

>So you want me to post my issue to this forum?

Yes, please.

>Why in this past was Ron S able to get us un-flagged?

As we un-flag domains on case-to-case basis (I have reviewed your older support tickets) I guess Research Team did not find any reasons for domains to be blocked.

>Also, why did you think that the domain was associated with Google?

I’m sorry I was just transferring their message. I would recommend forwarding this question to them directly. Let me know if their reply is delayed and I will follow up with them.

Kind regards,

Mike Pikkov | Customer Success
Malwarebytes | www.malwarebytes.org


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