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  1. I posted about this earlier today, but was unable to respond to the reply since the post was locked, so I will try again. The domain safe-browsing.com is a domain owned by Wombat Security Technologies. Our customers licesnse our PhishGuru tool (https://www.wombatsecurity.com/about/news/wombat-security-technologies-unveils-phishguru-30-and-wins-pc-magazines-editors-choice) so they can send their employees emails that look like phish in order to test If the employee will fall for it or report it. If the employee clicks on the link then they are taken to a teachable moment explaining the dangers of phishing and then the company's Security Awareness team follows up with more in depth training if need be to help the employee spot phish in the future. I can see why someone who is not familiar with our products would think this is a domain used for real phishing attacks. I went through this exhaustively with your team six months ago which is why I assumed this would not be so hard. I really need this unblocked and would love to know which Wombat customer reported this domain and I can reach out to their CISO and have them contact you directly if need be. I would be more than happy to work with Steven or any other team member if I had a way to communicate with him. As I mentioned earlier, in the past I worked with Corporate Support (since we are a customers) but was told I need to come to this forum to get this resolved.
  2. Mike Pikkov told me to make a post in order to get my domain unblocked. The domain is question is safe-browsing.com *.safe-browsing.com and *.*.safe-browsing.com. Our customers are being negatively affected because of this false positive so please let me know what I can do to get this addressed as soon as possible. In the past, Malwarebytes Customer Support has been very helpful, but this time has been quite a struggle and I have not had a great experience. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEB 09, 2016 | 07:50AM PST Mike replied: Hi Michelle, >So you want me to post my issue to this forum? Yes, please. >Why in this past was Ron S able to get us un-flagged? As we un-flag domains on case-to-case basis (I have reviewed your older support tickets) I guess Research Team did not find any reasons for domains to be blocked. >Also, why did you think that the domain was associated with Google? I’m sorry I was just transferring their message. I would recommend forwarding this question to them directly. Let me know if their reply is delayed and I will follow up with them. Kind regards, Mike Pikkov | Customer Success Malwarebytes | www.malwarebytes.org -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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