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How to remove home screen ads?

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This is on an Letv One Pro x800

So earlier today ads started poping up on my screen on the home screen and in ads, advertising other ads (mainly swiftkey).

I've googled it for the past 2 hours but havent found a solution.

I've deleted most apps and rebooted but nothing.

I've downloaded some virus scanners but they've haven't found anything. I just downloaded a malware app and that found 5 things.

4 of these having "trojen" in them.

The other has "PUP.Adware.Ewind.o".

I would delete them but all 4 of them I'm certain were installed with the phone.

For the other though I don't remember seeing it before. The location for it is /system/priv-app/Processor/Processor.apk

I can't delete any of them.

I just found the images for the ads. They're stored in /android/img/

So now I know where the pictures are but I dont know how to stop the ads

Anybody know how to fix this?

Ok so I gave up and factory reset my phone.

And did it fix the issue?


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Hi Thejodster,
First thing you can do Clear your hole device then you can do clear your app data and uninstall native file .
then I hope The problem will solved .After doing this If you again face the same problem also you can reset your device and see this

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