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  1. Deep_logic, Unfortunately not, unless you can find a very good spam filter for Gmail service. This isn't an app or file issue, these events are created from spam emails similar to the Nigerian Prince or Hot Singles type of messages Gmail is flooded with. Google or any other email service that has this issue must fix. -Armando
  2. Hello, These calendar events are created from Gmail spam, therefore Malwarebytes for Android cannot detect these as they come in. MBAM for Android is an app and file scanner and does not scan incoming Gmail. This must be a growing issue as Android Authority just published an article on how to remove these nasty events. https://www.androidauthority.com/google-calendar-spam-1022909/ Unfortunately, Google doesn't seem to be taking action on this behavior at this time, so our only recourse is to manually remove these and DO NOT click on the embedded links. Regards, -Armando
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