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  1. Hi All, This has been fixed, the fix will be in today's malware database v2018.04.03.01. Thanks for your patience. Regards, -Armando
  2. Hi DanteMwangi, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We have adjusted detection for this app and fix will be in our Dec. 5, 2017 malware database update. Regards, -Armando
  3. Hi Booterbotter, Thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies for the late reply. It appears this app shares some characteristics of a lot of different malware out there. I would suggest if this developer wants to have a unique app they can use a unique digital certificate, that will help distinguish from any other developer's app. Regards, -Armando
  4. Hi Camhart, Thanks for reporting this behavior. Your app is likely being flagged as potential ransomware because of the elevated privileges it requests. Also are you side loading to install Truple? Do you get the same behavior if you install from the Play Store? In our tests we don't see your app being detected by Malwarebytes for Android when installed from the Play Store. Installation from outside the Play Store plus elevated privileges are red flags and as a security application we want to warn our customers that a suspicious app was installed and it should be reviewed. Regards, -Armando
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