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Fonts ruined in Edge


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Hi there.


I decided to switch to Microsoft Edge because of its battery usage advantage over Chrome, but the fonts aren't right... they seem to be Times New Roman 





If anyone is able to help that'd be great. My OS is Windows 10 Build 10586.71 (Version 1511)


Also, I've already tried resetting font settings in Control Panel and Internet Options.


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Hello Ryan.


By any chance, is your monitor a touch screen ?   if yes, is any of this related to the size of the display ?


I have not changed any settings for fonts on either of my Windows 10 systems.

And the only other tips I can suggest are generic.

In the Windows 10 Search box, type in Fonts

and take a look under "View installed fonts"

"Change font settings".


Other than that, if your monitor is a touch-screen or your notebook has one, and the sizing is too large or too small in the browser, you can do a two-key sequence to get back to default sizing

CTRL+ 0   keys    ( control + zero )




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One other tip, about Edge browser.   You can make changes if you wish in its Settings.


In Microsoft edge
Click the three dots *...* (top right hand corner under the X sign)


Click *settings*


If you scroll down, get to the section "Reading", you will see a couple of choices.

The 2nd being for the font size.


Alas, I have not found anything that deals with any list of fonts.   afaik, Edge will render whatever that web-page is coded for  ( if anything).

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