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hijacking virus?

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Hello forum!

Over the last days i've been struggling with a very weird problem. I keep getting random ad pop-ups while visiting regular sites(like steam). The ad that pop-ups first redirects itself through about 5 sites, then lands on a poker or online game or some other random unwanted site. The pop-up ad is usually triggered when i click something on the website(like the search box on steam, or when i try to select text). These ads seem to be triggered by some sites(that never did this before), but i've never seen one on google, youtube or 9gag.

About a month ago, malwarebytes detected an .exe file in %temp% which, as i recall, contained the dnsunlocker malware. I figure it may be related, however 3 weeks after its removal nothing happened, then out of the blue the ads start...

I noticed that some of the redirect links contain the dnsunlocker keyword(i can provide some examples of these links if needed).


I have tried scanning with malwarebytes free, adwcleaner, hitman pro, gmer, EmsisoftEmergencyKit, norton power eraser, RogueKiller, junkwareremoval tool. Nothing found.

Installed&scanned with bitdefender internet security, kaspersky internet security, avast free. Ads keep popping and NO warning from any antivirus, nothing(even when i set high security for everything). Did a complete scan with each.

Last resort was a format of c: drive yesterday and reinstall windows. Everything fine for about 4 hours, then suddenly ads come back. (d: and e: drives still remained from previous windows).

It may be unrelated, but i've noticed that after i reset firefox(or chrome) the ads take a while to start popping up again.


Upgraded to malwarebytes premium(15 day trial period) and it seems to detect and block the hijacks but it can't find or resolve the problem. The logs are filled with messages like these:

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, m51.dnsqa.me, 49600, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, m51.dnsqa.me, 49601, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, m51.dnsqa.me, 49605, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe

Malicious Website Protection, Domain,, m51.dnsqa.me, 49638, Outbound, C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe



I've attached frst and addition logs, please help :(



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We're sorry. It looks like your topic was somehow overlooked. Due to the length of time we'll go ahead and close this topic now but if you still actually need help please send a private message to one of the Moderators and we'll assist you.Thank you and sorry we missed your topic.

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