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Please, please stop "Your system is not fully protected" spam.

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I know it isn't, at least according to Mbam. But I use a good custom hosts file, and I choose to turn of website protection.

But like an insolent child who just won't take "no" for an answer, Mbam does everything it can short of outright disrespecting my setting to NAG me to death about it.

There's a warning popup every boot that won't go away until I dismiss it, even though I tried notification times, even notifications off. 

There are seemingly random popups, that won't go away until I dismiss them.(Although I suspect they may be tied to scheduled flash scans.)

Every time I open Mbam, there's a warning banner that would scare a less savvy user, with a sad face emoticon. Give me a break.

Even the tray icon bugs me with the bright red splash on it, ruining the fung shui of my icon palette.

   I bought a lifetime license for Mbam, willing to bet you'd stay at the top of your game for the foreseeable future. But the same spam every/single/day is like a nagging wife, and thoughts of divorce are entering my head. Please just respect my settings and let's co-exist peacefully. I know what I'm doing, I've been doing it since pong, and unless there's a possibility that Mbam can somehow change its setting while I'm asleep, I don't need to be told every morning and every day that "My system is not fully protected." It was like that when I went to bed, I fully expect it to be like that when I wake up. It's not Groundhog Day. Thank you for listening.



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  • Root Admin



Well as this is the comment section and not the help section I'll just say that if at all possible to silence some or all of what you're wanting may or may not be possible at this time but we can certainly help you try to quiet it down some if you like. I'd ask you to post in the help section below though.




Though without knowing every single detail as said we may or may not be able to silence it anymore than you've already done on your own


Thank you



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