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  1. quote: The average user will have no idea that by "exclude" MBAM means "include" I respectfully disagree. I think you should focus on the fact that the question 'exclude?' goes directly to the word 'blocked.' "Malicious Website Blocked." Blocked...action, past tense, done. Most english speakers should agree. Should it then say "keep blocking"?(although it could.) That would be confirmation, unnecessary. No, the blocking is done, if we disagree, only then act. Isee your point that "exclude?" may not be the perfect word here. But the question should only require denial "Sop Blocking?" seems unambiguous. My experience: "Malcious Website Blocked"...hmmm, I don't recognize the IP, but the process is my vpn. "Exclude?" --yes, please. Vpn connects or stays connected, everybody happy.
  2. I know it isn't, at least according to Mbam. But I use a good custom hosts file, and I choose to turn of website protection. But like an insolent child who just won't take "no" for an answer, Mbam does everything it can short of outright disrespecting my setting to NAG me to death about it. There's a warning popup every boot that won't go away until I dismiss it, even though I tried notification times, even notifications off. There are seemingly random popups, that won't go away until I dismiss them.(Although I suspect they may be tied to scheduled flash scans.) Every time I open Mbam, there's a warning banner that would scare a less savvy user, with a sad face emoticon. Give me a break. Even the tray icon bugs me with the bright red splash on it, ruining the fung shui of my icon palette. I bought a lifetime license for Mbam, willing to bet you'd stay at the top of your game for the foreseeable future. But the same spam every/single/day is like a nagging wife, and thoughts of divorce are entering my head. Please just respect my settings and let's co-exist peacefully. I know what I'm doing, I've been doing it since pong, and unless there's a possibility that Mbam can somehow change its setting while I'm asleep, I don't need to be told every morning and every day that "My system is not fully protected." It was like that when I went to bed, I fully expect it to be like that when I wake up. It's not Groundhog Day. Thank you for listening.
  3. I guess I spoke too soon. When I attempted to update today ( my database is 11 days old) the download reached 100% and then threw the same error. Any ideas?
  4. MBAM has always worked flawlessly for me until today, Sat April 30. Opening the program and attempting to update resulted in the above error message. After that the program would not open. I had recently ran an aggressive "junk files cleaner." After reading http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=82427 I uninstalled MBAM, ran the MBAM Cleaner, and re-installed the program, skipping any updates. The program ran flawlessly, although the database was 106 days old. I opened the update tab, started the update, and near the end of the progress bar the above error incurred again. I then moved the rules.ref file, and ran the rules.ref installer found in the aforementioned forum topic. This gave me a database that is 9 days old, version 6408, which ran flawlessly. Allowing a quick scan to complete appears to have fixed my problem, as updates now return a "you have the latest version of the database" message. Moral of the story? Be mindful of the "junk" files you delete from your system. Thank you for your time and your excellent product.
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