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Constant request to update database

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I know this problem was in at least one other thread on this site but indicted that it had been resolved. As of today this problem still exists.


I recently bought and fitted a new M.2 SSD card for my  Asus Z97 deluxe motherboard to  act as a boot disk and storage for other system

related programs, one of which is Malwarebytes. I back in June purchased a lifetime version of it and installed in on to a fresh install of

windows ultimate 64bit. I downloaded the demo version of mwb and activated it with my details which were accepted and the program

download the latest database and went through a scan. It found nothing but when I went back to the main screen it warned me that the

database was out of date. I again pressed the option to download the database, the warning temporarily disappeared but within a

second it once again gave the same warning.


If this was all that happened I could put up with it but another warning is now appearing in the bottom right of the task bar telling me

the same. I press the option to update but the warning just reappears. This is not acceptable as it’s very distracting and covers part

of the screen that I need access to in other programs. Before I did this upgrade I did not have any issue with this program  but that

was a week or so ago.


Does any forum reader have any thoughts on what the solution is or indeed is there a Malwarebytes staff member monitoring these

forums who can help.


The following link shows the main interface, screenshot of log file and the warning message by the task bar.




Many thanks

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  • Root Admin

This is a known issue that should be addressed in a future program update where updates queue and alert for each. What you can do is open MBAM go to Settings, Update Settings, and change the notify to a week. Though its possible that if the computer is off for long periods of time those updates could still queue up and alert you as those are not the exact same issue.



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