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This post very similarly represents much of my own experience with the recent 2.0 change, even down to the flurry of clients, friends, and family that are now banging on my door for support because this once-golden piece of software that I've recommended to them is now breaking, slowing, erroring, and failing, ad nauseum.


This is beyond frustrating, and given the uncannily similar and correlated experiences between forum users over the past few months, it's clear that the bulk of the issue(s) is with the software, not the client machines -- resetting, rebooting, reinstalling -- these are stopgap fixes that work for the people who aren't aware of support forums. It's like taking a malfunctioning car to a professional mechanic and being asked again and again if the client put petrol in the car first before trying anything.

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If you can provide me with the logs for a client that is having an issue I'll do my best to assist you. Not sure why you're having such issues. I run several of my own computers and none of them have an issue with updates or scans and run 24/7 as expected. I also have several others I don't own but I manage that do not have any issues either. Granted I have over 20 years in computer support and run a tight ship when I work on someones computer but your computers should run well too.

Please read the following and post back the 3 requested logs from a computer experiencing issues you're unable to address on your own.

Diagnostic Logs

Thank you

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