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Scheduled scan and firewall issues

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Ok, so first off I gotta say I am not liking the malwarebytes 2.0 update. Everyone has already said everything that needs to be said about the UI, but I am having some functionality problems too.


I run scheduled scans at about 3AM every day and 99% of the time it comes up clean. The times when it didn't, old malwarebytes would actually ask me what I wanted to do with the PuP or malware that was found and it would be sitting on my screen when I actually checked my comp. New malwarebytes loves to tell me that it has found something, but doesn't give me a remediation dialogue box/option to do anything about it. That means I have to run another scan to actually get a page where I can do something.


So here is whats happening in short. Scheduled scan says I FOUND SOMETHING! but the only option is to check logs. If I run a manual scan it actually asks me what I want to do with what it found. I have the option to treat PuPs as malware, but the scheduled scan doesn't move to quarantine or do anything, just lets me know it found something.


Also, your firewall HATES private internet access VPN (PIA). I continually get notifications that a connection is being blocked, and no matter how many exceptions I add, it will still pop up. I had to disable popup alerts because it was popping up every 5 seconds.


Finally, if you want everyone to stop complaining about the terrible UI, make a classic mode button for the people who aren't terrible with computers that gives us the same look/control as the old versions.

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Hello and :welcome:

For your first question/comment when your computer does an automatic scan and it detects something, all you have to do is open the MBAM GUI and then click on the Scan Tab (on the top black title bar) and it will take you to the results where you will be able to take action as needed.

As for the notifications being annoying, they are working on a future update that will give us more control over all types of notifications for Malwarebytes, there is no projected date at this time.


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