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Updating issues

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I do not update or run the program daily. On the latest update I too noticed a "hang" anytime activity happened with the program. See attached JPG.

If asked if I want to check for updates, I click yes, the animation seems to go but if I click the window the top of it says (Not Responding) then after a period of time, it recovers.

If I ask for a scan, there is a period of inactivity, if I click something, it is (Not Responding) but eventually does its thing.

I have a VERY FAST system, including an SSD drive. I hate to say this but this is a problem that used to plague Spybot.

One time I thought the computer froze up totally so I reset... From then on MBAM refused to run.

Attempted to reinstall,

The installer gave multiple instances of the following;

Internal Error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 79:177):
External exception E06D7363

Internal Error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 69:252):
External exception E06D7363

Internal Error: Expression error 'Runtime Error (at 48:59):
External exception E06D7363


I then did a complete clean of MBAM according to the instructions posted here and downloaded the public release mbam-setup-consumer- which reinstalled just fine, but still appears to hang for perioids of time when previous versions did not.




Oh and P.S. - I purposely have the MBAM services disabled - I only enable them when visiting unknown websites and such..





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  • Root Admin

The logs indicate that you may have some type of infection (not enough information to tell for sure)
You don't appear to have or be running an active antivirus program (not a good thing unless you have very good backups)
You have AlternateDataStreams which though valid are not typically used except by malware so is a potential concern
You have old compromised Java installed which can easily allow the computer to get infected
You appear to be using MSCONFIG as a startup manger which I'd highly recommend not doing.
Msconfig Is Not A Startup Manager


Your computer needs to be examined a bit further than what we allow in this sub-section of the forum. I would suggest following the advice from the topic here Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers and having one of the Experts assist you with looking into your issue.


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