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Manual Updating of Database Version

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I have several computers that are never connected to the Internet.

I still run AntiVirus / Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on them.

In the new Version of Malwarebytes there doesnt seem to be a manual method of downloading an Updated Database Version that can be run on several computers.

In the previous version there was two methods to update the Database versions on computers that were not connected to the web.

One by downloading an update file "mbam-rules.exe" and another by cutting and pasting a couple of files - "database.conf and rules.ref".

So to me the new version of Malwarebytes is an improvement on my PC thats connected to the web and totally useless for my other PCs that are not connected to the web.

So my question is when is this situation going to be corrected, ie a new method to perform off line updates?


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Hello and :welcome:

Just very recently available there has been a change were you can now download an offline updater.

There is a new mbam-rules link:


The link is to a download of 1 zip file, where the name is mbam-rules-YYYY-MM-DD.zip

Something to note:

There are 2 files now:

o Mbam-rules.exe

o Mbam2-rules.exe

They are specific to the version, so mbam-rules is for any MBAM 1.x installation whereas mbam2-rules is for any MBAM 2.x installation.

In the future it will have a README included with instructions for users, but for now it is only the executables.

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I'm in a similar situation - no internet at home, but I have access elsewhere, where I do download stuff for my home computer.  Since that computer does have MBAM 1.75 on it, I can just copy the rules.ref and database.conf files from it to my home computer and update MBAM that way.  Is there any progress on being able to manually update 2.0 in a similar way, or will folks like myself and Robboj only be able to use the new mbam-rules.exes?  If so, will the .exes be updated more frequently?  Right now, that's been the real game breaker for me when it comes to upgrading.


Side note: if someone could update the FAQs for both versions to have the current mbam-rules link, that would be great - the link in the common issues FAQ for 1.75 links to the older version of the file that hasn't been updated in many months.  If I hadn't sporadically checked for any progress with manual updating, and decided to browse other forum sections, I wouldn't have found the new link.

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